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For 28 dollars so it wasn’t that expensive they have and a few other colors and their views are pretty good best cordless electric nail file.So that’s why I picked that one and then I got that five pack of glue and some extra e files to go.With the nail drill.When I say I was struggling to open these boxes. Girl I was really struggling I couldn’t open this box I couldn’t open the package that was inside I was having trouble with the open to other little packages.Especially with those little scissors I wasn’t having it.ZA. So I got this set of acrylic powders and liquid Montgomery came with neutral.White pink and clear powder kiss electric nail file instructions, there are two ounces and then it came with a little bottle of liquid monomer but it’s pretty small, so I have to buy another one but.It’s a but if you look online all the acrylic powders are like eleven dollars each or around that price and you get four and a bottle of liquid monomer for 37, so it’s a pretty good deal.So I got that pink nail tip cutter.And then the training ham.Hopefully, the training ends up working out.And then I noticed that include is spelled wrong I don’t know if that’s a different language or something, but. I was like what wax include spotlight.But maybe it is a different language I really don’t know.It’s not even important za.So I plan on making more videos using this training hand.Maybe like my first time doing a bray or shaping some type of video like that, so if you want to see more of those kind of videos go ahead and subscribe.Sawada opening that box and then I realized that I didn’t even open the nail drill set so I stopped opening the box and then I opened the nail drill.I know why I forgot to do that, but.I went back to it.That part is the actual nail drill. Or you connect the bits and everything.So there was that piece and then the actual little.Whatever that is, it was.Smaller than I thought it was gonna be but it’s kind of good cuz I was I didn’t really want to being bulky so.Yeah those are the nail bits that came with payments of e files. And then it came with a holder for the drill.Originally I didn’t know that the drill came with extra e files.So that’s good, I mean at least I have a lot now. ZA.So that’s the lamp that I got.I pretty much got it cause it was eighteen dollars and had pretty good reviews.So I don’t want to spend too too much money.On all this cause, it’s just for practice.Yeah I came with those two files.And then that’s the piece to plug it in.And that’s the lamp itself, it has some buttons for like sixty seconds ninety seconds.Nice.That’s a nailed Esther that I got.I was looking for a pink one cause I kind of wanted it to match the drill that I got.But it was either that purple one or a rainbow one so I was like you know, whatever would you skip this one.And everything that was wrapped with weird just had tape all over it.I was struggling to deal with that team.I was like yeah let me get the scissors to open it. But yeah it’s pretty soft so.It’s so cute I just I just would like to pink.Snail files, so it came with like two buffers and then hope and she had nail files came with those black ones and then some white ones that are kind of curved but they’re all one hundred one eighty grit so.I actually really like that little box that came in.I’m not sure exactly how you pronounce the name of this brush. But everything in the video is gonna be linked in the description so you, you will be able to see it on there.I think it’s kawasaki or something yeah it’s a number eight brush.It’s a good size but I’m thinking I might need a bigger one cause. It might be easier since I’m a beginner.I’m not sure though, we’ll see how that works out.So those are clear nail tips that I got I like the little boxes that these come in.